Jazz Fifty-Eight 8 – 2022 January 6

“A jazz journey to explore, enlighten and entertain”

Heard 1 to 3 pm (MT) Thursdays from cjsr.com or at 88.5 FM in #yeg.

Brought to you by CJSR, campus/community radio in Edmonton.

Mingus, Charles - Oh Yeah - Amazon.com Music

Playlist (2022 January 6):
(First Hour)

  1. “Devil Woman” by Charles Mingus from the album “Oh Yeah”.
  2. “Echoes of Blue” by Freddie Hubbard from the album “Backlash”.
  3. “Georgia Pine” by the Heavyweights Brass Band from the album “Stir Crazy”.
  4. “Bad is What it Takes” by Tzadeka from the album “Cities on Fire“.
  5. “Thinking of You” by Kiefer from the album “When There’s Love Around“.
  6. “Bora” by Mocky from the album “Overtones for the Omniverse“.
  7. “Farbalak” by Alon Farber Hagiga from the album “Reflecting on Freedom“.
  8. “Street Music Part 3″ by Aakash Mittal’s Awaz Trio from the album “Nocturne“.
  9. “Zadar” by Al-jicc from the album “Chants“.
  10. “Passions of a Man” by Charles Mingus from the album “Oh Yeah”.

(Second Hour)

  1. “Forward Motion” by Jim Knapp Orchestra from the album “It’s Not Business, It’s Personal”.
  2. “Life on Earth” by Sound Prints from the album “Other Worlds“.
  3. “Elevation” by Sophia Smith Quartet from the album “Elevation“.
  4. “Say” by Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy from the album “Son“.
  5. “Tonight Only” by Dutch Falconi from the album “Curious Fabrications“.
  6. “Quark” by Android Trio from the album “Other Worlds“.
  7. “The Swaggerer (Swinging Version)” by Victor Goines from the album “A Dance at the Mardi Gras Ball”.
  8. “Shake It & Break It” by Tuba Skinny from the album “Blue Chime Stomp“.
  9. “Sentimentos” by Rubim di Toledo from the album “The Dig“.
  10. “Hog Callin’ Blues” by Charles Mingus from the album “Oh Yeah”.

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