Jazz Fifty-Eight 8 – 2021 December 23

“A jazz journey to explore, enlighten and entertain”

On Thursdays, from CJSR, Edmonton’s campus/community radio station.

Locally at 88.5 FM or streamed from cjsr.com 2000-2200 UTC (1-3 pm MST).

Playlist (2021 December 23):
(First Hour)

  1. “Winter Wonderland” by Chet Baker.
  2. “Daylight” by Hiyasu from the album “Bluewerks Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right ”.
  3. “The Good Things” by Moods from the album “Bluewerks Vol. 2: In Full Bloom ”.
  4. “Sunbeams” by Maple Syrup from the album “Bluewerks Vol. 3: Heat Wave”.
  5. “Summer is Coming” by Ymori from the album “Bluewerks Vol. 4: Drift Off ”.
  6. “Ice Skating” by Sebastian Kamae from the album “Bluewerks Vol. 5: Warm Up ”.
  7. “Blue Christmas (to Whom it May Concern)” by Miles Davis.
  8. “Spiritual Ideation” by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad with Gary Bartz from the album “Gary Bartz JID006”.
  9. “Conexaco” by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad with Joao Donato from the album “Joao Donato JID007”.
  10. “Under the Bridge” by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad with Brian Jackson from the album “Brian Jackson JID008”.
  11. “Mad” by Misc from the album “Partager l’ambulance ”.
  12. “L’abime” by L’abime from the album “L’abime”.

(Second Hour)

  1. “Good Morning Blues” by Ella Fitzgerald from the album “Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas”.
  2. “Oh” by Carlos Vega from the album “Art of the Messenger”.
  3. “Agafia” by Sean Michael Giddings from the album “Red Willow“.
  4. “Farbalak” by Alon Farber Hagiga from the album “Reflecting on Freedom”.
  5. “She Stands on the Shore” by Yazz Ahmed from “Solos &’s Vol.1”.
  6. “Personent Hodie” by Rodney Whitaker with the Christ Church Cranbrook Choir from the album “Cranbrook Christmas Jazz”.
  7. “Don’t Call Before 10″ by Jill Townsend Big Band from the album “Cellar Celebrates – Local Legends”.
  8. “Road Song” by Erena Terakubo from the album “Cellar Celebrates – Getting Greasy”.
  9. “Welcome Back to Veradero” by Miguel de Armas Quartet from the album “Continuous”.
  10. “Winter Wonderland” by Johnny Summers from the album “When It’s Christmas Time”.

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